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You get told, you are so mature for your age or i feel like im talking to someone my own age when speaking with people older than you. From your hair dresser to your therapist, everyone older than you shares way too much information because they seem to forget how much younger than them you are, but you dont mind one bit. Are you mature for your age? Sometimes its easy to pretend we dont want to handle responsibilities, keeping a peter pan persona that never wants to grow up. Wondering if youre grown and handling your own? Find out now. One of the critical components of maturity is recognising your own limitations. Its encouraging to hear that your interests are as youve described but that, in and of itself, doesnt necessarily mean that youre too mature. You know your age in years, but it never quite matches up to your maturity. Im too mature for women my age should i be dating older women? I hear they dont like 24-year-olds. Because my sense of self is not determined by others opinions.   ive gotten a lot of comments and questions about my age, especially after my wheres the diversity on youtube? Video.   i am 13 but i find most kids my age to be very immature and annoying but i get along with collage students and am skipping a grade. I love little children and i feel ready for a serious relationship but the problem is i dont know anyone who is my age or a year older who is mature and not well annoyingly stupid. Im not really boy crazy just lonely and i have no clue what to do anymore. There are people who forever remain kids, they dont age mentally and then there are people who mature way too early. Though they could be really young, but their way of thinking could be way ahead than their age.   people says its a waste to be too mature about things at an early age, that teens should have fun because we cant do those things when were older. Im 15 but i try my best to stay formal and mature about everything that goes on around me.

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