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The teachers were average-looking, if im being objective, but to my mind th. You can have a relationship with any man of any age, but for some reason, you notice that dates are more comfortable and fun with younger men. Women in positions of authority are finding emotional fulfilment. So why do some men prefer older women? Here are some possible explanations 1) in need of a mother figure human beings use love to satisfy their most important unmet needs. If a man didnt get enough nurturing from his mother or if his mother was absent in a way or another then he might start getting attracted to older women.   older women have many admirable traits to offer a man who may be seeking a mature, experienced partner rather than an immature younger woman. By talking to real men with an older woman in their life, i discovered exactly why men find older women attractive. She is not going to be impressed if the man is still trying. Here are some common reasons why some young men are attracted to older or mature women. While its common for young men to be dating women younger to them, or in the same age group, there are many who complain of the hollowness and pretenses in the level of intimacy. During my life ive been occasionally attracted to men, but was more attracted to women, so to keep it simple, ive only dated women. See? See how the smallest sign matters? Women are more likely to be low key and subtle when showing signs of interest compared to men. Men usually approach a woman rather than the other way around. So, she lets out subtle signs in order to show you its okay. Be it a man or women they always select a partner who isnt really available to them. Thus, we can say that women are more attracted to married men because they are a challenge for women. Single women might be more attracted to married men because she isnt readyor wanting to indulge in a committed, long-term relationship at that time. Plus, older women have also gotten over the minor insecurities, inhibitions and anxieties about sex, and thats why they get involved completely without letting the fears take over. They are pretty much comfortable in their skin and know how to make the bedroom an exciting place to be at, because they have simply graduated beyond the bedroom basics.

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