Cells of mature cartilage are called


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Are mature cartilage cells located in spaces called lacunae b. What is an immature cartilage cell called? Wiki user 184448. A mature red blood cell doesnt have a nucleus while an immature one does. What is mature cartilage called? Wiki user 072753. From least- to terminally-differentiated, the chondrocytic lineage is. The collagen gives cartilage its strength, while the chondroitin sulfate gives cartilage resilience (ability to return to its original shape after being compressed). The chondrocytes live in spaces within the firm matrix called lacunae. These mature cartilage cells maintain the matrix and ensure that it remains healthy and viable. Mature cartilage is avascular (not penetrated by blood vessels) so nutrients must diffuse through the matrix. As chondroblasts begin to synthesize and secrete new cartilage matrix, they are pushed apart cells now reside in their own lacuna and are called chondroytes step 4 of interstitial growth cartilage continues to grow in the internal region as chondrocytes continue to produce more matrix.

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