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When a small amount of breast development occurs without the rest of puberty progressing, it is called premature thelarche (thelarche is the medical term for the onset of breast development). This typically happens in toddlers, usually by age two, though it can occur in preschool-aged children as well. But in reality, premature breast development in little girls is fairly common, with a peak incidence anywhere from 6 months to 2 years of life and the other around the ages of 6-8 years. Studies have shown that premature breast development affects about eight percent of white girls and more than 20 percent of black girls under 8 years old. Premature thelarche is a benign condition in which a young female has breast development before the age of 8 without any accompanied pubertal changes. Individuals suffering from premature thelarche do not experience menstruation, pubic hair growth (), or the bone growth characteristic of puberty. The breasts do not develop past stage 3 on the tanner scale, hence maintaining adolescent nipples. The five stages of breast development as described by the tanner scale of breast development. It is almost as if a second breast bud is developing on the front of the existing breast. Many young girls are treated for premature breast enlargement when they really may not require any attention at this time. Reported that breast volume increases with progressive breast ultrasound stage, and they presented the first quantified data using ultrasound in developing breasts. However, measuring breast volume is more complicated than measuring bud diameter. This is consistent with studies on puberty induction in natal girls in whom rapid estrogen exposure was found to lead to premature breast bud fusion and poor breast development (8). Those transwomen who self-medicate with estrogen may be taking too large a dose at initiation to promote appropriate subsequent breast growth, resulting in a poorer final breast outcome. Girls usually begin puberty between the ages of 8 and 13 years old. The earliest sign of puberty in most girls is the development of breast buds, nickel-sized bumps under the nipple. It is not unusual for breast growth to start on one side before the other. Its also common for breast buds to be somewhat tender or sore. Inflammatory breast lesions can occur in the neonate (, 18) and also in children and adolescents (, 19). Breast abscesses manifest as tender, indurated, or fluctuant erythematous masses ( , 4 ). They may result from obstruction of a mammary duct, infection of a retroareolar cyst, irritation or abrasion of a nipple, or cellulitis of the surrounding chest wall area ( , 4 ).

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