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Just wondering what everyones estrogen levels were at during their last blood draw prior to egg retrieval and how many mature eggs were retrieved vs immature. I am curious to see because i have been reviewing how my last ivf went. I think he believes that if the e2 is too low the ovaries are not responding to the fsh produced or injected into the body and therefore the eggs will not mature and be viable.   ivf success - know what to look for (e2 levels, follicle size and more). Follicle size indicates how your eggs are developing and when they will be mature enough for retrieval. The cycle could be canceled due to the risk to your health as well as the fact that coasting for too long can reduce egg quality.   the estradiolfollicle ratio (e2fol) was defined as estradiol level per mature follicle 14 mm in diameter. Estradioloocyte (e2o) ratio was defined as estradiol level per or. These two ratios were categorized by the 25th percentile into four groups. In a normal cycle, the estradiol levels are initially low and they gradually rise as the follicle matures. With a single follicle, peak e2 levels are about 200-300 pgml just prior to ovulation. This high e2 levels causes your cervical mucus to be copious. The concept i describe most frequently to anyone interested in fertility is that of ovarian reserve, or the egg factor. As of this writing we are quite capable of bypassing the problems of poor quality sperm, low sperm count, and problems stemming from dysfunction or disease of the female reproductive system such as endometriosis, or tubal disease. F or many couples who pursue fertility treatments, especially for intrauterine insemination (iui) or in vitro fertilization (ivf), a common ritual becomes visits for morning monitoring during your treatment cycle. The goals of these sometimes frequent appointments are to make necessary mid-course adjustments to your treatment protocol and to determine the best timing for ovulation or egg. E2 is the steroid hormone that is produced by the cells lining the ovarian follicles in response to fsh, and the very high levels of e2 within the leading follicle nourish and mature the egg. Some e2 reaches the blood to cause the lining of the uterus to grow, the secretion of ovulatory cervical mucus, and to provide feedback to the brain and. Typically, a follicle is mature once it measures 14 to 20 mm in diameter and the e2 level reaches 200 pgml. The e2 level will be higher depending upon the number of follicles present. Pregnancy was additionally related to e2 levels, but not to e2 levels per follicle, and was negatively related to age. In these cycles, implantation rates were more closely related to the number of follicles or 12mm than to follicles or 15 mm or or 18mm.

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