A fruit is a mature


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  pruning fruit trees is something that as gardeners is not a fun task, but is required to ensure a healthier tree, better fruit yields, and a stronger structure to hold fruit. The ovary matures into the fruit when (and if) the flower is pollinated and the ovules fertilised. The fertilised ovules become the seed and the ovary becomes. In angiosperms, a mature ripened ovary (or group of ovaries), containing the seeds, together with any adjacent parts that may be fused with it at maturity. A mature flower ovary that houses the product of sexual reproduction.   if youre not sure how to tell if a passion fruit is ripe, examine the color. A passion fruit that is still green is probably not ripe, whereas purple, red, or yellow fruit probably is. Ripe passion fruit will have a wrinkled skin, but unripe passion fruit will be smooth. You can also compare the ripeness of 2 fruits by weighing them in your hands. Fruit, the fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a flowering plant, enclosing the seed or seeds. The principal purpose of the fruit is the protection and dispersal of the seed, though some seedless fruits have been developed.

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