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The day between 1 to 5 the ideal follicle size would be more than 10 mm to have successful ovulation. Flax seed and folic acid helps to get perfect egg size your all answers in this video aboutfollical. Types of eggs the size of eggs is very important to poultry farmers because the bigger an egg, the higher its market value it commands and attractiveness to consumers. An egg is mature after it has undergone two separate rounds of meiosis or cell division. These rounds of cell division reduce the number of chromosomes in the nucleus of the egg from 46 chromosomes to 23 chromosomes in preparation for fertilization by the sperm. Whats a good number of eggs retrieved? Egg retrieval, medically known as ovum pick-up or follicle puncture, is a surgical procedure whereby mature eggs are harvested from the ovary. The purpose of this surgical procedure is to collect the eggs when they are at metaphase ii, considered the optimal state of maturation for retrieval and fertilization. To determine the moment when each follicle of 15mm or more produces a mature egg, doctor takes a final injection, that is called hcg. For the first 36-40 hours after the hcg shot is taken, the larger eggs will go through their final maturation process. A normal, mature follicle that is ready to ovulate and conceive is 18 to 30 millimeters in diameter. During a regular menstrual cycle, several different follicles begin to enlarge and mature, but only one follicle can complete the maturation process each month. As the follicle matures, it increases in size and the number of granulosa cells also increases, as a result of which the estradiol levels rise progressively. Estradiol levels help us to determine when the follicles are mature, so we can time the hcg trigger properly, and maximize the number of mature eggs we retrieve. The eggs mature every 28 to 30 days in an adult woman and get released from the ovary into the fallopian tube to get fertilized. There are certain conditions in which even after adulthood the eggs do not mature in the ovaries. Immature eggs in ovaries is the main cause of infertility in women.

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