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What is required for transcription to begin? A special sequence called a promoter. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The rna processing transcribed from a eukaryotic gene is precessed before leaving the nucleus to serve as messenger rna (rrna).   a) the transfer rna transfers the messenger rna to the ribosome. C) the single rna strand duplicates itself in much the same way as dna. Messenger rna (mrna) is a single-stranded rna molecule that corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene and is read by the ribosome in the process of producing a protein. Mrna is created during the process of transcription, where the enzyme rna polymerase converts genes into primary transcript mrna (also known as pre-mrna). This pre-mrna usually still contains introns, regions that will not go on to code for the final amino acid sequence. A primary transcript is the single-stranded ribonucleic acid (rna) product synthesized by transcription of dna, and processed to yield various mature rna products such as mrnas, trnas, and rrnas. The primary transcripts designated to be mrnas are modified in preparation for translation. For example, a precursor mrna (pre-mrna) is a type of primary transcript that becomes a messenger rna (mrna) after processing. This involves splicing out the introns and leaving the exons - these are the segments that code for a protein. Messenger rna is one of three main types of rna, the others being trna and rrna. It is made in the nucleus using a dna template in a process called transcription. The new mrna must make its way out of the nucleus and into the cytoplasm, which occurs via nuclear pore complexes (npc). Enzymatic reactions involved in the making of a mature messenger rna (mrna) are numerous. These include reactions to initiate transcription at the promoter, to synthesize the pre-mrna from the dna template, to cleave and add a poly(a) tail to the transcript once the 3 end of the gene is reached, and to splice the pre-mrna into a fully mature mrna ( craig et al.).

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